Foundational Principles of Spiritual Growth (Part 9) - Consider It: Forgiveness - OT (Part 2)

Forgiveness is a very deep and profound gift from God. The understanding from the Old Testament far exceeds the limited concept derived from the English word ‘forgiveness’. “Forgiveness – Old Testament – Part 1” examined 4 semantic domains of the Hebrew word for forgiveness נָשָׂא (nā•śā(ʾ)). 1. to lift up; 2. to bear or carry in a linear movement; 3. to respect, honor, exalt; 4. to desire, long for. Part 2 of this series covers 4 additional very profound semantic domains for the word נָשָׂא (nā•śā(ʾ)). 5. to raise the head or eyes; 6. to spare, remove guilt and penalty; 7. to request forgiveness, to request freedom from penalty; and 8. to be forgiven. God absolutely forgives us, and we must forgive others—but with the understanding of what forgiveness actually means.

Runtime: 65 Minutes

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