Foundational Principles of Spiritual Growth (Part 10) - Consider It: Forgiveness - NT (Part 3)

Forgiveness in the New Testament takes us to an even deeper understanding of this subject. The base Greek word for forgive, forgiveness and forgiven is Aphiemi (Ah-fee’-a-mee). Same as in the Old Testament, forgiveness is a spiritual matter, not a physical matter. Here we will examine three less obvious but very prevalent and profound usages of Aphiemi in the NT. 1) To Let - To permit the presence of, or permit (an activity) without opposing or prohibiting. 2) To Allow – To permit a situation or circumstance to continue or to not continue 3) To Leave Behind / To Depart - To depart and not take along. These three definitions add form and shape and substance to spiritual forgiveness that could otherwise be missed and are critical to our fulfilling of the spiritual requirement to forgive.

Runtime: 66 Minutes

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